This is me, Sara Inês Serafim, a dreamer and passionate about my work.

Although my first training is as an Interior Designer, it was as a Jewelry Designer that I rediscovered my true essence of giving birth to jewelry with the work of my hands and that became my great special project.

It is in my workshop in Vila Nova de Gaia that I blend design and the alchemy that the process of giving birth to jewelry contains.

With the four elements of nature always present, air and fire for the design and water and earth as sources of my inspiration, I continue this journey always with the aim of bringing out the beauty that each woman and man carries with them.

Hoyara Jewellery is my 100% Portuguese jewelry trademark, born from the fusion of the name of the plant Hoya Carnosa, which always blooms on my birthday, with my own name Sara.

All Hoyara pieces are made in 925 silver and/or 24 carat gold plated silver, always with the stamp of timelessness and with the care and dedication that my customers deserve.

Occasionally, and whenever requested, I create pieces in gold or custom pieces outside of the regular collection, offering my craft for special events such as weddings, engagements, communions, etc.